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Building a Collective

An accessible mentor whose whole purpose of existence is to share all the knowledge. And he encourages a free exchange of ideas, techniques, compositions among everyone around him. The only way to build a collective of people who don't compete but compliment one another.

Ashok takes free workshops, camera over coffee sessions and demonstrations to openly share all that he knows.

And has been doing it for over 8 years now across many cities around the world.

Past workshops & live demos

Camera Over Coffee
An unique initiative conceptualized by Ashok over 6 years ago to bring together photographers to showcase and discuss each others work. One simple rule: No criticism, only encouragement. Everyone is a winner. To bring the photography community close together.

Street PhotoWalks
Having conducted more than 50 Photo walks across NZ & India. This is one of the things that Ashok really enjoys. These walks end up becoming fun interactions on everything art and life. There is no rule or structure. Its about being in the moment to capture it by being available.


Live talks and demonstrations across India with students, photo enthusiasts. Over the years Ashok has had the chance to mentor and teach many young students of photography.


Live studio demonstrations were actually the starting point of Ashok’s idea of mentoring and sharing his knowledge. In partnership with local art hubs this quickly became a big draw for enthusiasts and was an easy way to get a healthy forum together.

My World My Vision

A unique project by Ashok that gives primary school children disposable cameras to shoot anything. And then selects those images to print them into a yearly book. Run over 3 years this project was a hallmark of how Art can be an inspiration for life.